Caroline Chisholm Retirement Village

Hartman Walk Opening hosted at the Village

Caroline Chisholm Retirement Village hosted the Hartman Walkway opening on Thursday 20th August 2015. The Walkway is located at 1 Caroline Chisholm Lane and zigzags down into the Hartman Reserve, with a delightful outlook from the platform deck at the end. The Lane Cove Council Mayor, David Brooks-Horn, council members, local neighbours and residents joined the celebrations along with the residents of Caroline Chisholm Retirement Village.

Lane Cove Council Mayor David Brooks-Horn and guests

From left to right: General Manager of Council, Craig Wrightson, Lane Cove resident Dick White, Margaret Sullivan, General Manager of Caroline Chisholm Retirement Village and Lane Cove Council Mayor David Brooks-Horn on the Hartman Walkway platform.

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Photos: Jennifer Treur